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Dawn of Time Strip #102 (March 9, 2009)
Warm & Cozy
March 9, 2009
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Presenting a webcomics protip: When Monday's strip has barely been started and it's Sunday morning AND you lost an hour to daylight savings time, don't spend all morning goofing off online, and then run off to catch a matinee of The Watchmen, and then go hang out with your friends watching anime and playing SF4. Starting in proper at 9:30pm is probably not a great idea! But hey, here's a comic.

Watchmen was great, I thought, I was not disappointed in any way (except maybe the portrayal of Adrian, though I see what they were going for with him). The ending had a rather significant change, but it really accomplishes the same thing and didn't require pulling in the elements from the graphic novel that would have been hardest to put to film, in a way I think that makes for a tighter narrative. Overall I thought it was very well-paced and enjoyable.

Also, I almost wish Saturday Morning Watchmen was real. Almost.