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Dawn of Time Strip #106 (March 18, 2009)
Trudge onward!
March 18, 2009
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Edit: Do you see it? It's the Dawn of Time shop! It's open! You can place a preorder for t-shirts that will be printed soon! Full details are in the shop, and a more "official" announcement will be made on Friday.

I really like reviews! Sure, there's been some discussion on the role of the critic and there's that Ratatouille quote everyone loves about the importance of what they "create," but as both a creator and reader, I just really love reviews! Regardless of positive or negative, the most important thing a good critic creates is enthusiasm for the medium that feeds back into the user base.

There's a review for Dawn of Time up over at the Webcomic Overlook, and it just so happens to be very positive, but the real reason I'm mentioning it is because I really liked reading El Santo's webcomic reviews! (I liked them so much I had to send him a note to make sure my comic was in his review queue) It's probably a bit silly, but I probably liked reading his reviews of comics I've already formed an opinion about more than new ones, even when I disagreed with his conclusive "rating," everything he says is fair and true and eloquent, and works up my enthusiasm for webcomics in general.