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Dawn of Time Strip #133 (May 20, 2009)
Eats, barks & leaves
May 20, 2009
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I picked up Klonoa for the Wii recently and have been enjoying that, but I can't help but notice some odd little changes, mainly to the voice cast. The villains Ghadius and Joka both don't sound right, Ghadius had this thick, reverberating voice that seems to have been toned back a touch, and Joka was scratchy and squeaky and really kind of creepy. He sounds more "human" now. (And of course, this is in the traditional gibberish language version--I'm not touching the full English setting!)

It's odd that they had that survey going around about a new character design for the western versions of the game, intended to be cooler and even suggesting that the game would be perceived as being "harder," but in the end they made the game easier (with a new move and longer health bar), and even made the villains less scary!