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Dawn of Time Strip #140 (June 5, 2009)
Good night, Velociraptor
June 5, 2009
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Lightning apparently knocked out the internet over here and I didn't think I'd be able to update, but luckily it kicked back in so we're pretty much right on time.

My favorite on-going super hero comic by far is Robert Kirkman's Invincible! The latest trade came out just recently so I'm finally caught up as far as that will get me at least (I don't buy the monthlies) and I grabbed it along with Power Up the other week and thus the reason that it's blog fodder now. The only problem I'm seeing with it at this point is that Kirkman's got so many story threads going on right now that this entire book didn't touch on the story that I'm the most excited about, which is the Allen the Alien and Invincible's dad in space business. He's fleshing out newish characters and killing old villains and bringing back other old villains, but dammit, I just want more Allen!