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Dawn of Time Strip #146 (June 19, 2009)
June 19, 2009
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I had meant to mention Odd-Fish yesterday, because of the ammonite, I was going to be all like "looks like one of Lovecroft's distant relatives has made a guest appearance," but it slipped my mind. I think of these things to put down here but then I forget and it's like, why even blog at all, eh? The point, however, is that Odd-Fish is a pun-heavy comic that I enjoy.

This comic is my first with what appears to be a feathered dinosaur! I generally have stayed away from them because even though we know that a lot of dinosaurs have feathers, exactly where they go and what they were like still seems very unclear, or at least it's unclear to me. There are a lot of different interpretations, and I want my dinosaurs to read as clearly as possible. Any readers have thoughts on this?

Alternately, why would anyone even expect feathers on a comic where dinosaurs and humans live at the same time?