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Dawn of Time Strip #178 (September 2, 2009)
Spiral Colossus
September 2, 2009
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It's the beginning of the month again, when Top Webcomics resets the scores for the month and us smaller comics can, with the help of an attentive readership, score a spot nice and high on the list for a bit before the big guys show up and take their rightful spots again. This month's "incentive" is a sneak peak at an upcoming Dawn-related project!

My friend Danny ("master programmer") is assisting me in the production of a Dawn of Time computer game! Our arrangement on previous projects has been that he does the coding and I do the art, but this time I'm doing the coding and he's.. err.. telling me what to code! So bit by bit I'm learning my way around Javascript as we work our way through the rough parts of the game, and by the end I'll be able to polish and adjust things as I see fit. When the game is finished it will be playable right here on the Dawn of Time website via the Unity plugin. Keep watching the blog and I'll have updates on my progress.