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Dawn of Time Strip #181 (September 9, 2009)
Party's Over
September 9, 2009
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So I figure I ought to try blogging a bit about the game I'm working on, so here we go. The thing is, it's really hard to find the time to do it! Generally I'll get two days a week that I can really block in some time, and those are really cool days. It feels like taking a vacation someplace else, lately when I get into the programming I get so focused in that I really forget everything else, and when I go back to work (the day job) after the weekend it feels like I've been gone for a lot longer than just a day or two.

It's also incredibly easy to just sit there and tweak things! A lot of the game is already there, right now, so most recently I was working on the raptors, the "ghosts" that will be chasing Dawn around. The latest "feature" is that after Dawn dies, they disappear smoothly and spawn back in at their starting point, but just getting that set up is quite time consuming! Then I'll go do something that effects the camera and sit there and toy with that before I determine that I'm in over my head just from a math perspective and need some extra help or research. Basically, it's slow going, but I'm really loving it.

Oh, in other news..