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Dawn of Time Strip #188 (September 25, 2009)
He sells seashells & slave lay-bor
September 25, 2009
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I have just sold out of the large size of tan Dawn & Blue t-shirts over in the shop! I plan on getting more in soon, but if you happen to be a large and are in dire need of this particular shirt please fire off an email to let me know so I get on it a bit faster than I might otherwise.

The other day I picked up Udon's 20th Anniversary Art of Street Fighter book--I might put "Udon" is quotes because it's not really their book, it's one from Japan that they've kindly translated, this is the real stuff, the art straight from Capcom, ranging from the early SF2 days all the way up to last year's SF4. The really interesting thing is to see lauded Capcom artists, like the famous Akiman, when they were fresh Capcom recruits and, err, kinda crappy! Regardless that old art holds tremendous nostalgic value for me (and I'm not even the biggest Street Fighter fan out there) so being able to see it without busting out old EGMs is a real treat, and it's rather inspiring as well.