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Dawn of Time Strip #192 (October 5, 2009)
All along the watchtower
October 5, 2009
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I picked up The Great Dinosaur Discoveries by Darren Naish recently, and it's another nice one for the collection! Each page looks like a spread from an attractive magazine, and contains just enough self-contained information for bite-sized browsing, with the right level of information for "casual" dinosaur enthusiasts (such as am I). The main topic of the book is how dinosaurs have been discovered through the years and how the science behind it has steadily changed. Consequently it brings to light how poorly I researched Owen and Mantell (though a lot of the inaccuracy was intentional--originally they were not even going to be named, just a couple of random bumbling scientists). I'm sure no one is looking at Dawn of Time for historical accuracy, but I feel a bit embarrassed having it handed to me so concisely now. At the very least, I can occasionally point to the real stuff now and then, right?