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Dawn of Time Strip #223 (January 4, 2010)
Whatchoo guys doin?
January 4, 2010
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So not much more than an hour or so after I finished last week's strip my computer crashed and wouldn't finish booting. It took a couple days to get it back up and running, but I ended up reinstalling Windows for the first time in a long time and oh man, so much program data lost, including software that I needed to re-authenticate using authenticate numbers that I had stored in emails that I couldn't get Outlook to restore. Things are mostly back to normal but not everything--I like coloring in OpenCanvas, for whatever reason it's lost some of its tablet sensitivity and no longer colors the way I like. Today's strip probably doesn't look that different but it was a major headache. :(

I've been working more on Dawn Labyrinth (AKA Pacman knockoff) and it's getting much closer to completion, I'm really excited about it. Thanks to the upset in my life recently I've had to change a lot of my plans, obviously, but getting this finished is something that's personally really important to me so that's where a lot of my extra time has gone.