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Dawn of Time Strip #224 (January 11, 2010)
Alpha Male
January 11, 2010
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This week I've been trying to tie things in the game together and polish up a few elements. The game is still a short ways from completion, the biggest thing is actually more levels, which is pretty important! But I want to get the whole framework in place, so I can really focus on levels and not worry that I have all this other stuff that I don't really know how to do waiting for me.

Recently I settled on a title screen (based on the arcade PacMan sideart) and got the "GUI" working. Unity has a lot of built in GUI tools but Danny and I decided it would be better to build my own menu from scratch, it was really pretty fun! Of course, no Pacman-style game would be complete without community high scores, so that's another "menu" element I've been working on. Right now I've passed the game off to Danny to fix a few things that I couldn't and make some optimizations for performance.