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Dawn of Time Strip #25 (September 8, 2008)
Don't violate the prime directive!
September 8, 2008
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The other day I picked up the new issue (#5) of Tor by Joe Kubert from DC. When I started following it, it was mainly out of surprise that something like this could even exist. I'm not really familiar with the original Tor comics, but the look of the comic certainly matches the style, and it's just weird to see something looking like that on the shelves these days.

Art style aside, I'm really taken with the efficiency of the storytelling, there's no dialog but there is narration on every panel. I'm used to being completely turned off by heavy narration in comics, but here it fits right in, and Kubert rolls from event to event with a lot of speed yet things still flow extremely well.

Have you got a favorite Dinosaur/Caveman comic I should check out? Drop me a line or head over to the forum!