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Dawn of Time Strip #29 (September 17, 2008)
Smoking is bad for you!
September 17, 2008
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Recently I've been targeted by a rather exceptional marketing campaign from Camel Cigarettes where they send lavishly packaged coupons and even a refillable lighter and fliers assuring me that people who smoke Camels are just the sort who know what the best things in life are and love to have fun (and lung cancer).

Again on the steady convergence of all web properties towards the Dino-Themed, one of my favorite artists over at DA has started up a themed art blog called Paleo-Buffet, where he draws awesome cartoony creatures from perhistoric times. His art is gorgeous and makes me feel a little inadequate, but also tremendously inspired.

For those who've been asking about RSS, here it is! Sooner or later we'll have it plugged into the main site but for now I'll just keep mentioning it.