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Dawn of Time Strip #32 (September 24, 2008)
Walk the Dinosaur
September 24, 2008
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A troublesome thing about Iguanodon (and other Hadrosaur-like dinos) is that these days it's pretty trendy to just draw them going about on all fours, and even though most reconsctructions certainly allow for upright movement, it doesn't look comfortable to me. It's certainly a far cry from the Iguanodons I remember as a kid.

So to continue from yesterday, Megaman 9 is effing rad. It still isn't the game I would have liked--a game that wasn't a throwback visually--but it's a game I like an awful lot. The gameplay is certainly riveting, and that's where it really counts. The decision to draw comics (I really need to catch up) or just play Megaman today was not at all easy.

I chose comics by the way!