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Dawn of Time Strip #44 (October 22, 2008)
Gotta Keep 'em Separated
October 22, 2008
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And a big welcome to everyone coming from one of my favorite comics, Sam & Fuzzy! Be sure to read from the beginning, or maybe just the beginning of the current story? Thanks for the link Sam, my hits graph now looks like a horizontal line with a 90 degree turn at the end.

Yesterday I got a note from Amazon saying that they were unable to get William Stout's new book, Prehistoric Life Murals, into stock, supposedly it released a week or so ago, and asked if I wanted to cancel my preorder. I figure the book is still coming and is still going to be awesome, so of course I kept it. But I wonder what's with the delay? Was anyone else looking forward to this? Did anyone get it?

While we're at it, any other awesome sci-fi/fantasy/dino art books you like? (I just got Robots and Donuts and it is wonderful.) Pop over to the forum and say so!