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Dawn of Time Strip #47 (October 29, 2008)
The Crumbly Ruins
October 29, 2008
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Edit: It is always the updates when I am not at home and away from a computer that I screw up uploading the comic. Sorry it's late!

I just got the latest Dungeon TPB! Dungeon is a graphic novel from France by the prolific duo of Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim. So prolific are they that they've started contracting Dungeon out to other artists, with results that vary a bit, but I'm still following it, 'cuz I loves it. It's basically just a fantasy send-up, the stories take place in the titular dungeon, and revolve around its employees and maintainers, who are a strange mix of monsters and animals. I describe it to my friends as Dungeon Keeper, the comic, except that's really not that accurate either. But give it a look, if you like, I highly recommend it.