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Dawn of Time Strip #8 (July 29, 2008)
Have a nice trip
July 29, 2008
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If there's one thing I'm getting out of this, it's over a fear of drawing feet. Feet are so easy to just crop out of pictures that a lot of artists never bother with them, and if they do, they cover 'em up with awesome shoes or something. I even considered for a while giving Dawn a pair of shoes or something, but even if they were are fuzzy and primitive-looking, it just seems like not having shoes of any sort adds something to the character, so, I had to suck in my gut and draw some feet. And they're not the greatest feet, certainly not any better than my hands are, but there they are, flailin' about in panel 2, and I feel good about that. That's something!

Also, the site is now at its own domain, www.dawnoftimecomics.com, so while whatever link you are looking at this through will still work, that's the official one.

Also also, seems I can't do Project Wonderful ads until I get 30 strips up. Seems reasonable since it wasn't that long ago that I was thinking 30 pages might be beyond my abilities (it is still daunting!) but it'd be nice to fill that space with something. Does anyone know anything about easy ads?