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Dawn of Time Strip #80 (January 16, 2009)
Fantastic Hairy Reptile
January 16, 2009
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So as I was doing this one, I was thinking, vaguely in the back of my mind, I wonder who might take issue with this horizontal takeoff business I have going on here, as if, perhaps, people who cared were reading my comic! But I did it, because if it were scary being chased by a horrible giraffe-shaped hairy reptile, it would be even worse if it got all low to the ground, stretched out to increase its leg-snatching range, for one thing, and then oh nos, it's FLYING. I hadn't been paying attention to flying (I was too busy reading about the stalking) in the articles I read before, but here's one that I just came across that says we're totally clear for a ground-based takeoff. Woo!