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Dawn of Time Strip #123 (April 27, 2009)
Splut Week
April 27, 2009
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I went to see Walking with Dinosaurs Live, and it's pretty cool! I have to admit I may have enjoyed the little teasers and mall appearance videos better than the actual show--I guess maybe at some of the other shows they had the smaller dinosaurs roaming around in the lobby areas, but not at this one. At the end of the show they bring out the baby T. Rex again and he acts cute and even jumps in the air (how much does that costume weigh?!), and it's so entertaining I just wonder why they didn't do more stuff like that. I suppose they were going for realism, but in the face of that, it seems a little dull by comparison.

But I just have to say, what is wrong with people? Despite being told specifically not to, people took flash photos at least once every 15 seconds or so. It's disrespectful to the show, and it's disrespectful to ME, because the audience is arranged around a semi-circular stage and those flashes are bright and extremely distracting to the people on the other side. I was wishing something would come of it, like when the end of the show came they'd be all like "yes, the dinosaurs are all extinct now, and to think, it could have been prevented if you had done what we asked and turned off your goddamn flashes." The comet was attracted by the flashes, I'm sure of it.