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Story Guide

(Archive by Date Follows)

I. Quest for Food

Prehistoric times are lean times. Thick hides, spiked tails, and very tall trees all conspire to keep Dawn undernourished.

II. Time Travellers

Iguanodon, eternal mystery to modern science. Is there no way to unravel his secrets? Ambitious Victorian scientists may have discovered the answer.

III. Chased in the Forest

Dawn and Mantell aren't the only ones looking for food in the woods. Delicious fruit, crumbly ruins, and lame paleontology jokes.

IV. The Merchant

Dawn and Mantell sample the delights of ancient city-living before parting ways. Dawn makes a ruckus in the marketplace, and Lou gets praise from his superiors.

V. Adventures Every Day

Ordinary adventures are interrupted as Dawn develops a healthy fear of giant Pterosaurs, and takes steps to overcome her fear by putting something gross in her mouth.

VI. Dawn Goes North

Snow art, old gods, and a knee injury. Dawn gets the itch to head to colder climates where unknown forces lure her to a mysterious frozen temple.

VII. Dawn Goes Home

Kicked off the public convoy, harried by carnivorous dinosaurs, and worst of all, hungry--Dawn makes a desperate decision that may compromise her lifestyle. Preceded by Dawn's short-lived rock and roll career.

VIII. Dawn at Sea

Mantell reminisces about his experiences just prior to his trip to the past, while Dawn gains some brand-new experiences of her own. Blue gets seasick.

IX. The Island Queen

Following the events of the previous chapter, our heroes wash up on a mysterious island where they find themselves caught in the machinations of schemers from the mainland. Preceded by the spacy adventures of Dawn Solo.

X. The Ugly Protoceratops

In which Blue's awkward childhood among his siblings is presented for your consideration. Preceded by Dawn of Time's brief flirtation with the possibility of becoming a "Gamer Comic," and in full color!

XI. Paradox Lost

Is Mantell destined to spend the remainder of his days trapped in the distant past? While Mantell sits around feeling sorry for himself, someone from the future comes to his rescue.

XII. Dawn in Time

Dawn takes a meandering path from the end of time to various other time periods. Here are a few of her adventures.

  • 2009 - In the distant future, civilization is on the verge of crumbling. Human society still exists in urban city-states, separated by a wild bad-land full of ruined highways and vicious biker gangs.
  • 1980 - A tough-as-nails cop who plays by her own rules is teams up with an unlikely partner to solve a mysterious case.
  • 1853 - The Royal Society banquet at the Crystal Palace in London is rudely interrupted.
  • 65mya - Dawn Against Death: Our heroes do the popular thing at the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary event.
  • 100mya - Dawn returns to her own time, a little more experienced, a little bit wiser, and ready to punch some guys.

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