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Dawn of Time Strip #164 (July 31, 2009)
It's my nature
July 31, 2009
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One of my favorite toy lines for dinosaurs is Wild Republic's Cuddlekins line. They strike a good balance, I think, between realism and cuteness, and in general have an authentic aspect to all their animals that I really like. So what I've noticed, because I work in a toy store and one of the perks is keeping the store stocked on items I happen to like, is that this line has been getting smaller and smaller, to the point where only the T. Rex and the Triceratops are still available (though you can still find shops that still have the others, we're not one of them). They also long ago discontinued the bendable plushes, which had, I think, the best plush T. Rex ever to have existed. (And of course I never thought to grab one for myself!)

The last order we did had me thinking that even those two had been discontinued, because we'd had them backordered for so long. But they just came in today, and they have changed! The T. Rex seems, to my eye, to have a smaller head, and a slightly more upright posture (while, of course, remaining seated). The Triceratops now seems a little cuter, and is more colorful, definitely an improvement. So I'm wondering, will more dinos follow? Will the adorable (and the quickest to sell out, for us) Stegosaurus make a return? And why do they do this so quietly without telling anyone? Because I kicked up an email fuss about this with their sales department when these disappeared from the catalog, you'd think if anyone knew anything they'd have been happy to pass it on to their customers.