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Dawn of Time Strip #165 (August 3, 2009)
August 3, 2009
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Edit: You can now click here to view this image without voting.

I have finally caved in and decided to milk Top Webcomics for all it's worth. If you'd like to make me a happy man, then vote for Dawn of Time every single day!

As an "incentive" I am offering a rare peak in my sketchbook at the very first pictures of what we might recognize as Dawn! I tooled around a bit before eventually settling on the cinnamon swirl hairstyle, but even that didn't come out right away. The very first drawing of "the swirl" is one of my favorites, but it still wasn't quite what I wanted. After voting, you'll get to see that, and a few other attempts. (Including what appears to be the elusive octopus Dawn!) Just click that big vote banner up there and you'll be on your way!

Thanks for voting, let's see if we can get me onto the front page this month! I think we can do it!