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Dawn of Time Strip #46 (October 27, 2008)
Also, pick up some eggs
October 27, 2008
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Of course, now they'd be all like "that probably wasn't even Tyrannosaurus Rex, it's only got two fingers!" I don't know why they gotta be like that, the two finger thing was the only way I could easily distinguish him from Allosaurus and other big predator dinosaurs when I was a kid (probably still now, too).

Edit: Thomas Holtz, author of a particular book I reference rather frequently, emailed to tell me that T. Rex's extra finger wouldn't even protrude out of his hand, that's how tiny it was. So no worries, my childhood imagery is still safe (now if only Iguanodon looked more like the one in my graham cracker cookies). Also, Thomas Holtz emailed me. XD